About the MIS

The vision of the MIG programme is to "provide all South Africans with at least a basic level of service by the year 2013 through the provision of grant finance aimed at covering the capital cost of basic infrastructure for the poor ".

The main contributions of the MIS in assisting DPLG to realise this vision include:
  1. Serving as an overall control mechanism in terms of the allocation and disbursement of MIG funding to municipalities, monitoring the actual expenditure by municipalities and recording the assets resulting from the spending of MIG funds.
  2. To put municipalities in control of the planning and implementation of infrastructure development in their areas of jurisdiction by providing the practical means through which MIG funding can be tied to the approved Integrated Development Plan of a municipality (through integration with the IDP Nerve Centre).
  3. Serving a dual purpose of providing municipalities with a tool for controlling their own programmes while at the same time providing consolidated reporting of financial, progress and performance indicators on a provincial and national scale.