In enhancing two-way communication, the MIG Management Unit will monthly compile and distribute a short publication, the MIG Hot News. We aim to communicate “hot news” in terms of new information, new activities, accomplishments, events and statistics. You can assist in determining the content of the publication by letting us know what your information needs are. The monthly Hot News will be complemented by a quarterly newsletter, which will also be distributed to all MIG stakeholders. The MIG Hot News is distributed by email and fax only, and readers are most welcome to forward the information to their colleagues.




The MIG Management Unit in dplg is responsible for the effective execution of the MIG Programme. In assisting them in their demanding task, the Unit welcomed several new members to their team at the beginning of the year. Says the Executive Manager of Municipal Infrastructure Ms Molatelo Montwedi, “we are gearing towards becoming a one-stop MIG service for all national, provincial sector departments and municipalities.”


In addition to the permanent team members, the MIG Macro Control Unit was appointed in December 2004 as the Macro Control Auditors for the MIG Programme to assist and support the MIG management structure with the planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation of the MIG Programme.


The overall scope of the macro control audit service incorporates a blend of management and auditing functions to ensure sustainable implementation of the set MIG Programme objectives.


These objectives aim to ensure that the MIG funds are used for the intended purpose and that projects meet the set standards. 



The macro control audit function does not aim to substitute the micro responsibilities of municipalities for the accounting of funds transferred and the implementing of projects in a sustainable manner. It does not replace the function of the Auditor-General, as it is not aimed at auditing the municipalities, but only the projects implemented with MIG funds. It also does not replace the role of sector departments, who are responsible for sector norms and standards.


A communication campaign team was also appointed by the end of December 2004 to assist the MIG Management Unit with information dissemination and the strengthening of communication between the MIG stakeholders.

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MIG Programme not policymaker and regulator


The MIG Programme, as the consolidated grant, does not replace the policy and regulatory function of sector departments, but provides funding to execute projects. The dplg acts as custodian for the MIG Programme and is responsible for the management and administration of the grant. The sector departments on national and provincial level are still responsible for developing respective sector policies, supporting the municipalities in planning and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects implemented with MIG funds.



The roll-out of the MIG Programme over the next ten years needs to be supported by an effective communication campaign that will increase acceptance and understanding of, and participation in the MIG Programme. Effective stakeholder mobilisation and involvement is critical to the success of the implementation of the MIG.


Zitholele Consulting was appointed in December 2004 to assist the MIG Unit with their communication function. The objectives of the campaign are to:


·         Facilitate technical information flow (two-way, interactive communication process) and better understanding of MIG and Free Basic Services by those who have to implement MIG to ensure a better life for all – the intention of the MIG policy and programme

·         Promote the benefits and opportunities of the MIG Programme to all stakeholders

·         Make stakeholders aware of their responsibilities and mandates in implementing MIG 

·         Build on activities already undertaken by dplg and sector partners to promote better understanding of the tasks at hand for municipalities

·         Develop the necessary capacity to implement MIG meaningfully, therefore:

-          building the capacity of PPMUs and PMUs to conduct information sessions

-     building the capacity of stakeholders (municipalities) to tackle the tasks to benefit their communities


The specific activities of the communication campaign will be communicated to you regularly, however the following workshops are planned for  March to April 2005:


March 2005       Provincial workshops with PMUs, municipal officials, and political heads

April 2005          Workshops with the National Sector Departments


The purpose of these workshops is to confirm the

roles and responsibilities of the provincial and

national sector departments.


Upgrading of the MIG web page


The MIG web page, which is part of the dplg web site is to be updated to ensure user-friendly access by all who visit the site. A discussion forum forms part of the new facilities on the MIG web page. Anyone can now air their views, make suggestions and ask questions about anything to do with the MIG Programme. You are encouraged to use the facility to your advantage.


Should the discussion forum meet the set criteria, it could be the beginning of a dedicated MIG helpdesk. Visit the MIG web page on 




Your comments, suggestions and concerns are important to us. In assisting us in meeting your communication and information needs, we would appreciate it if you could complete the attached comment sheet and return it to us. Should you have any additional comments, please do not hesitate to let us know about it.




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