Enhancements to Version 2.04 released on 30 July 2007

The enhancements released in Version 2.04 allow users involved in project management to maintain the following categories of project information:


  Cash flow

  Target dates

  Planned employment generation

  Actual employment generation

  Planned socio economic impact

  Actual socio economic impact

The maintenance functionality only becomes available after a baseline has been set by registering the appropriate form.  For example, once a cash flow baseline has been set by registering a MIG 4 form, the cash flow can be maintained without the need to process MIG 6 or 8 forms.  MIG 6 and 8 forms are of course still required as requests for payment, but not to update the cash flow or target dates.  The cash flow sections have consequently been disabled on all forms except MIG 4 and target dates have been disabled on all forms except MIG 1.

All changes to project information made through project maintenance screens are recorded in a comprehensive audit trail.

Other enhancements include project suspension, project termination and site visit reports.

For more detail, please click here to read the section “What’s new in Version 2.04” in the online help.